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Alexa Sheldon
Position and company: Associate, Privacy, Security, and Online Safety, PUBLIC Group Intl
Country of work: United Kingdom
Degree Attained at UCLA: BS in Environmental Science, Minor in Conservation Biology
Graduation Year: 2018
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Sofia Collette Ehrich
Position and company: Academic Researcher, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
Country of work: Netherlands
Degree Attained at UCLA: BA in Art History, Minor in German
Graduation Year: 2019
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Cristen Anderson Ho
Position and company: Senior Software Engineer, Google
Country of work: Singapore
Degree Attained at UCLA: BS in Computer Science
Graduation Year: 2018
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Elize Mazadiego
Position and company: Assistant Professor in Art History, University of Bern
Country of work: Switzerland
Degree Attained at UCLA: MA in Latin American Studies
Graduation Year: 2007
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Marina Apaydin
Position and company: Associate Professor of Strategic Management, AU - Cairo
Country of work: Egypt
Degree Attained at UCLA: MBA in Finance & International Business and MA in Islamic Studies
Graduation Year: 1996 and 2005
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Kristin Kalla
Position and company: International Public Health Consultant
Country of work: New Zealand
Degree Attained at UCLA: MA in African Studies and MPH in Community Health
Graduation Year: 1992 and 1993
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Francis James
Position and company: Resident Representative, UN Development Programme
Country of work: Gabon
Degree Attained at UCLA: JD, UCLA School of Law
Graduation Year: 1990
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Ken D. Duong
Position and company: Managing Attorney, Duong Global Business Consulting Group
Country of work: Vietnam
Degree Attained at UCLA: BA in Economics, Minor in Spanish and Computer Specialization
Graduation Year: 2004
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Brian Hyunmin Han
Position and company: Founder, Star X Ventures & Young Birds Club
Country of work: South Korea
Degree Attained at UCLA: BA in International Development Studies
Graduation Year: 2012
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Imge Akcakaya Waite
Position and company: Associate Professor, Urban and Regional Planning Department, Istanbul Technical University
Country of work: Türkiye
Degree Attained at UCLA: PhD in Urban Planning
Graduation Year: 2016
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  • Featured stories are of alumni of UCLA's undergraduate and graduate degree programs who currently work abroad in countries outside the U.S.