"The Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association Papers will take its place among the most important records of the Afro-American experience."

--Eric Foner, New York Times Book Review


"The Garvey Papers will reshape our understanding of the history of black nationalism and perhaps increase our understanding of contemporary black politics."

--Clayborne Carson, The Nation


"When all [twelve] volumes of this absorbing collection, so well edited and organized, are published, we shall have the definitive record of Garvey, Garveyism, and the UNIA."

--Richard Robbins, Boston Globe


"These invaluable volumes whet our appetite for more and they place Robert Hill and his associates in that small circle of scholars . . . who are still making accessible the materials of a neglected and misunderstood past. . . . Now is our chance, through these important volumes, to finally begin to come to terms with the significance of Garvey's complex, fascinating career and the meaning of the movement he built."

--Lawrence W. Levine, The New Republic


"The editor's superb introduction and annotation place the documents in context and make them meaningful for the informed lay public. An important resource for black collections and university libraries."

--Randall M. Miller, Library Journal


"Carefully edited and beautifully printed, this series promises to reveal more about the [Garvey] organization than has ever been presented before and particularly to show its influence in Africa and the Caribbean region."

--John Matthews, Atlanta Journal-Constitution


"[In the third volume], editor Hill's selection of material succeeds in capturing Garvey in all his complexity. . . . One awaits Volume IV with much anticipation."

--Charles Henry, San Francisco Chronicle


"[Volume IV] is characterized by its breadth of information and clarity of organization. No one can understand the significance of this social movement without consulting these volumes."

--Joseph Boskin, Los Angeles Times


"These volumes of The Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association Papers are a superb collection. . . . [Readers] will gain new insights into Garvey's own philosophy about America and about the world. But above all, the readers will be astounded by the revelations concerning Garvey's own understanding and interpretation of the relationship between the black people and white people in the United States."

--William H. Harris, Journal of American History


"Robert Hill and his associates should be congratulated on a remarkable task. . . . All who wish to understand more about Garvey and the environment in which he lived and died should look forward to the appearance of subsequent volumes."

--Nancy Grant, International Journal of African Historical Studies


"Bringing together this extraordinary collection of materials makes it possible to understand Garvey and Garveyism with a breadth and depth that has been previously not even though possible . . . [a] splendid achievement."

--Richard Newman, Newsletter of the Afro-American Religious History
Group of the American Academy of Religion


"Reading Garvey's speeches, it is easy to visualize what a charismatic leader he was, and how he communicated his vision of Africa for the Africans to thousands around the world . . . the volumes of this set . . . [are] something that every library should own."

--C. C. Smith, Reggae and African Beat


". . . this volume and others in the series will enable scholars working on the evolution of American black politics to address the problematic role language has played in shaping black political consciousness."

--Clarence Walker, The New York Times Book Review


"These materials are of great value for anyone seriously interested in Afro-American history. . . . Scholars of the Afro-American experience owe a great debt to Robert A. Hill and his colleagues."

--Journal of American Ethnic History


"Immensely interesting, well researched, well organized, and eminently readable."

--American Archivist


"The Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association Papers have added immeasurably to our understanding of this complex man and the no less complex events he was involved in. . . . This massive work of scholarship has proved immensely rewarding."

--International Affairs


"The story itself is, like Garvey, clearly remarkable. So too is this publishing venture. . . . The volumes serve notice that the Garvey Papers project will become a model of scholarly research and editing and will be invaluable for future historians of black history in the twentieth century."

--Slavery and Abolition

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