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March 8, 2024

International Women's Day

International Women's Day occurs each year on March 8 and celebrates the achievements of women worldwide in all spheres of life. Originated by the international socialist movement, the holiday was long observed by the Soviet Union and later came to be celebrated by the feminist movement and the United Nations. UCLA commemorates International Women's Day 2024 with a weeklong celebration of accomplished Bruins.
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Impact Stories

Expanding Equatic: UCLA
The Institute for Carbon Management's (ICM) pilot plant facility. (Photo: Satheesh Kumar Raman).

Expanding Equatic: UCLA's Carbon Removal Technology Transcends National Boundaries

Equatic, a project developed at the Institute for Carbon Management at UCLA, is contributing to global carbon removal efforts through its collaboration with Singapore.
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Project Highlights

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Visual Histories of Northeast India
The Modern Endangered Archives Program of UCLA Library funds the surveying of photographer Ahmed Hossain's photographic collection, illuminating tribal communities of Northeast India.
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Preserving Indigenous Siberian Voices
The Modern Endangered Archives Program of UCLA Library funds this new effort in digitizing, contextualizing, and sharing tape recordings of indigenous people of the North.
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Humanitarian Aid and Infrastructure Support in Armenia
UCLA’s Operation Armenia provides immediate medical disaster relief and long-term humanitarian aid and infrastructure support to Artsakh and Armenia.

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Global Standings


Global Collaboration

UCLA’s global mission focuses on developing new knowledge and understanding of a world that is increasingly diverse and interconnected, preparing our students for this complex world, and fulfilling our public mission across borders.
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University Of The Philippines
UCLA COUNTERPART Department of Anthropology Agreement Type: Non-Binding MOU
Country: Philippines
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D'annunzio University Of Chieti–Pescara
UCLA COUNTERPART UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior Agreement Type: Non-Binding MOU
Country: Italy
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Termez State University
UCLA COUNTERPART Program on Central Asia; International Institute Agreement Type: Non-Binding MOU
Country: Uzbekistan
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Making a Difference

Alumni Abroad

Education & Research

International Institute

The Institute educates students about the world and serves as a campus and community resource.
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Global Data and

Interactive Maps

This site contains interactive maps and country data pertaining to UCLA's international students, visitors, partnerships, projects/programs and study abroad.
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Visitors and Dignitaries

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Hidden No More: Empowering Women Leaders In Stem: A Multi-Regional Project
DELEGATION 45 members
Visit Date: 11/08/2023
Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Cote dIvoire, Chile,...
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Preserving Cultural Heritage And Combating Trafficking Of Conflict Antiquities: A Regional Project For The Near East And North Africa
DELEGATION 15 members
Visit Date: 11/02/2023
United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi...
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Lgbtqi+ Policies And Implementation In The United States: A Project For Vietnam
DELEGATION 5 members
Visit Date: 11/20/2023
Viet Nam
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Global Projects and Programs @

UCLA Library

UCLA Library drives initiatives to digitize, preserve, and provide public access to primary resources worldwide in over 26 languages. The Library has 28 partners in 22 countries and four national library partners.
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Research Guides
The UCLA Library maintains research guides for faculty, staff, and students, providing resources to learn more about global cultures and regions. These range from ancient text databases to digital libraries from other countries. You may browse by subject or by librarian to find the most relevant resources.
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Modern Endangered Archives Program
The UCLA Library digitizes and enables access to at-risk cultural heritage collections from around the world, ranging from manuscripts to audio recordings. (Above: A letter from Notes, Letters, Diaries, Posters, and Pamphlets: Narrating Ideas of Indigeneity in Jharkhand, India).
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Digital Collections
UCLA Library maintains rare and unique digital materials in its Digital Collections, open to the public. Often, these materials are from abroad or acquired through collaboration with foreign institutions. (Above: An original negative taken at the 1 May 1964 parade from the Albanian Photographic and Graphic Art Collection).