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Imge Akcakaya Waite

Position and company: Associate Professor, Urban and Regional Planning Department, Istanbul Technical University
Country of work: Türkiye
Degree Attained at UCLA: PhD in Urban Planning
Graduation Year: 2016
How have you navigated cultural differences between your home country, UCLA, and where you work now?
Türkiye is my home country and where currently I work. My journey at UCLA taught me to appreciate the vast diversity of cultures present in professional collaboration and social settings, which in turn helped me navigate through the increasing cultural diversity in Türkiye, as well as my own institution.
What would you say to a UCLA student who is planning on having an international career?
I would say definitely go for it! Based on my personal experience and observation
s, I believe that UCLA equips its students with expansive international perspectives both academically and professionally, which helps them swiftly adjust to and make impacts in many international contexts. I think UCLA's diverse student and faculty profile plays an important role in this, too.
Are you involved in any international UCLA alumni groups or support networks?
I am not actively involved in formal channels but am planning to. I also keep in touch with some of the faculty and my old cohort and colleagues. Meeting them is on my to-do list every time I visit the US.